About Zenn's Foto

Zennsfoto is a professional photo-studio headed by the founder and main photographer Mr. Zenn Maar who became a professional photographer in 2006 at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. In the beginning the studio dealt exclusively in fashion photography, but in 2007 Zennsfoto merged with the web design studio I*Creative enabling and necessitating other types of professional photography, like interior, exterior and industrial photography. In the year 2009 Zenn Maar opened a branch office in the small city of Erding, in the vicinity of Munich, Germany. In 2010 Zenn's Foto (www.zennsfoto.de) and I*Creative (www.icreativesite.com) merged with another IT company, Euroart93 (www.euroart93.de). These companies combined their efforts in order to start the new projects Zenns 360 VR and Zenns VirtualTour, i.e., the performance and development of the virtual tours. After spending one year in uniting the professional photography with the web technology, we bring our improved and perfected product to the world market.

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